In modern times, there are a lot of people who still use basic traditional cameras. In fact, some people even use point and shoot cameras. In case you own such a camera, it’s likely that you’ll be clicking with it. Contrary to popular belief, in order to become a wedding photographer, you don’t need to spend a huge sum of money on the camera. You may not have as easy of a time as when you peruse craigslist for garage sales (or host one yourself- needing to find mattress removal near me and get RID of items).You can capture the best moments of your clients with even the most basic camera. In this post, we’ve discussed some easy and convenient tips to help you take the best pictures of your clients.


It’s worth mentioning that most traditional cameras are equipped with small batteries. Thus, you need to be careful about the duration for which you charge the camera. If it’s possible, you should always keep an extra battery with you. Moreover, you should turn off the camera between shots. You should never waste charge on zooming or editing. This makes sure you don’t experience any problems.

Light & Illumination

Wedding photography is directly associated with light. It is important that light sources are illuminating your subject. You should make sure that light is not falling behind your subject or between the camera and subject. It would be better to stick to the basics rather than trying something different.

Increases Storage Space

In order to make sure that you get the most out of an average camera during a wedding, it is always important to take multiple photos of your subject. It will be better to choose appropriate photos when you have multiple choices. There are many cameras which have a continuous shooting mode. Therefore, it is important to buy a big SD card with your camera.

Flash For Bright Conditions

You should always remember to use flash whenever you are using a camera in bright conditions. This may be on a bright sunny day with the Sun directly over your head. Flash will illuminate all kinds of shadows that are formed around a person’s eyes.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that you should not use flash in dark conditions. You should first check if it is possible to click some good austin wedding photos
without using flash. You can even click two photos, one with flash and without it, so that you can choose an appropriate one later. Most of the cameras also have low light settings which you can use to find better light.


It is one of the best wedding photography tips. It is important to hold a camera steady. Most of the cheap cameras are unable to stabilise an image. Therefore, it is important to hold a camera steady to avoid any blur images.


Last but not the least, before you click an image, it is important to decide about the story that you want your image to tell. You should always capture subjects in their entirety. Nothing should be cut out of the photo. There should be nothing in your photo that distracts attention from the subject. It will be better to try different angles till you choose the right one.