If you are thinking of building your own horse barn there are many things to consider. How many horses will you be housing, the climate of your area, water run-off and feeding facility placement are only to name a few.

Before running out and buying supplies, take time to think about what you want from the barn. Will your barn be for private or commercial use? This is an important factor in deciding the size of your barn. If you plan on renting space out to other horse owners, then your barn will need to be considerably larger than if you use it solely for your own personal stock.

Make sure you have the comfort of the animals in mind. You don't want the stalls to be to big but you don't want them to small either. The function of the stall is to provide the horse with a secure feeling while giving it adequate room to move around. Some of the stalls I have ever seen are Classic Equine Horse Stalls.

How is the climate in your area? Is it generally hot and dry or damp and cold? Does it depend on the season? In any case, insulation is very important in keeping your animals comfortable and healthy. Be sure the barn is warm and dry in winter and cool and dry in the summer months.

Keep in mind you will need plenty of room in the barn to store necessary equipment. You will need a feed storage area and a tack and tool storage area.

Ease of cleaning is something else to be aware of. When designing your horse barn, be mindful of anything that can make the job of cleaning up after the animals easier. No one wants to chuck out a barn that is hard to maneuver in.

Also, how do you want your barn to look? Do you want a quaint country feel or do you prefer an industrialized and modern look? You are going to be spending a lot of hours in your new barn so make it pleasing to your taste.

Traffic is also an important key. If you are going to be moving a lot of horses in and out, make sure you have design that will allow this to be easily done.

Research! Do your research before you begin the construction of the barn. Don't just surf the web but get out there and ask other horse owners their opinion. No one will no better than a seasoned equestrian on how best to build your barn. Most experienced horse handlers will be more than happy to share their knowledge with you. And remember, have a good time! You will most likely be spending tons of time not only constructing your new barn but also working there. You will want to have good memories of when you designed and built the barn yourself. Again if you need anything for you barn visit Classic Equine Equipment.